Bankruptcy Solutions Center

Understanding how to Reestablish Credit

Although it may seem that your situation is unique remember this, over 70,000 people file for bankruptcy every month!

Many things can happen that cause financial troubles like losing your job, unexpected medical bills, divorce, or heavy credit card use to name a few. For most of us any of these could put us into bankruptcy. But bankruptcy isn’t the end; it should be a second chance for a fresh financial start. The faster you get your credit back the more you will save in interest charges and the easier it will be to buy a home or get that good job. Getting your credit back can EVEN help lower car insurance rates.

While filing for bankruptcy has many positives, the unfortunate part is that it will stay on your credit report for ten years. Again, with a secure purchase after the bankruptcy such as an automobile your credit score can be higher in 1 year than it was before the bankruptcy filing.