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At The Bankruptcy Information and Reestablishment Center our goal is to help you understand your credit situation after a bankruptcy. More importantly we wish to help you re-establish your credit. The best and quickest way to do this is by financing an automobile right before or right after the discharge documents arrive.

How We Can Help

The Bankruptcy Information and Reestablishment Center specializes in helping people get pre-qualified for an automobile loan in as little as 5 minutes over the phone!

You can submit an application with us online or call  866-897-8706, we will send it to our Bankruptcy Information and Reestablishment Center specialized dealer in your area immediately.

About Reaffirmation

Reaffirming your auto loan?

By entering into a reaffirmation agreement for your automobile you are promising to pay the loan even after your bankruptcy discharges. This means you are giving up the protection of the bankruptcy court. If something happens to you after your bankruptcy and you cannot pay your car loan, the lender will garnish your wages. This agreement is not in your best interest!

Are you required to reaffirm?


Can I continue paying on a loan that I carried through my bankruptcy without reaffirming the loan?

Yes. The lender wants you to reaffirm your loan because it means they can collect even after the discharge.  However most lenders will let you keep your vehicle even if you decide not to reaffirm the loan, they just want the payments. Also keep in mind that when you file bankruptcy you lose the right to have the payments you make report to the 3 major credit bureaus. This means you ARE NOT reestablishing your credit!

Reestablish Credit

Understanding how to Reestablish Credit

Although it may seem that your situation is unique remember this, over 70,000 people file for bankruptcy every month!

Many things can happen that cause financial troubles like losing your job, unexpected medical bills, divorce, or heavy credit card use to name a few. For most of us any of these could put us into bankruptcy. But bankruptcy isn’t the end; it should be a second chance for a fresh financial start. The faster you get your credit back the more you will save in interest charges and the easier it will be to buy a home or get that good job. Getting your credit back can EVEN help lower car insurance rates.

While filing for bankruptcy has many positives, the unfortunate part is that it will stay on your credit report for ten years. Again, with a secure purchase after the bankruptcy such as an automobile your credit score can be higher in 1 year than it was before the bankruptcy filing.

Get Pre-Approved

Getting Approved is fast and easy!

Our complete application helps speed up the process and allows us to match you with the right dealership in your area. When your completed application is received, you will receive a call from one of our Bankruptcy Information and Reestablishment Center representatives to verify information, answer any additional questions you have, and let you know the name of the dealership who will be assisting you.